About Us

Bhakti Pooja (Bhaktipooja.com) is an online pooja samagri shopping portal by Sri Kashi Vedic Sansthan. It is a complete solution for devotees for their daily pooja needs, spiritual items, religious books, Rudraksha, Religious Rituals, homa, Yagya etc.

In the Hindu religion, there are many festivals, occasions and many more ceremonies in which we conduct a special Pooja for which we need pure and sacred Pooja Samagri for the success of the occasion. It is very important to use the right Pooja Samagri for the rituals otherwise it is not fulfilled the desired motive.

We are in service of devotees for the Pooja needs from manufacturing to distribution for 30 years. We have our own store in Varanasi (Kashi) of all Pooja needs at one place. In 2012 we also introduced an online platform vedicshoppe.com for the devotees for those devotees who feel comfort and time saving to buy online.

We (Bhakti Pooja) have a wide and varied range of all pooja needs at a reasonable and honest price. No more need to search for pure and sacred Pooja Samagri on various occasions. We also provide custom Pooja Samagri pack as per your required need of holy ritual.

All Pooja Samgri are carefully checked and then packed in a comfortable pack for easy use during the ritual. As we are also involved in various ritual and religious events organized in Kashi hence, we know the importance of using pure and scared Pooja Samagri and in the same way, we provide the best religious items to our customers.

The spiritual way is infinite but which way is adopted by you that is important. We can never say that we have everything for your spiritual and devotion needs in life because it is also infinite. As it is also said in Sri Ramcharit Manas by Goswami Tulsidas that:

“hari anant hari katha anata kahahi sunahi bahu bidhi sab santa”

It means that “God is infinite and God’s glory is infinite, peoples says and listen to it in various ways”

“ Sri Kashi Vishwanatho Vijayate”

“ Har Har Mahadev Sambhu Kashi Vishwanath Gange”