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mrityunjay mahadev kashi

Sri Mrityunjaya Mahadev temple in Kashi is situated at Daranagar, Varanasi. This temple has a huge campus where many other Shivlings are established in this campus.  The temple situated in Daranagar locality. It is believed that offering prayer to the Shivling in this temple keeps away the devotees from their unnatural death. People from across the country come here and perform ‘Mrityunjay Jaap” to get rid of their problems. There is also a place of importance that is a “Well of Medicinal Water”. There is a story behind the importance of this well; There is an ancient well in the temple premises. The water of this well is believed to be of therapeutic effect on human beings. The myth also says that Dhanvantari, the father of Ayurveda, poured all his medicine in that well, that’s why the water of this well is sacred and has medicinal effect as well as able to cure various diseases.

Many priest chants “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra” in the Temple Campus for the devotees. They chant particular numbers of Mantra for the good health and curing of diseases of the devotees. They chant mantras on a rosary and after completing one rosary they use rice to count the large number.

The prime deity Shiv Linga of “Mrityunjaya Mahadev” is at the entrance of the Temple.

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