Rakt (Lal) Chandan Powder


Action Brand Lal Chandan Powder (Red Sandal Powder) for using in tilak and worship.


Rakta-Chandan (Red-sandalwood)

Rakta-Chandan (Red sandalwood) is in fact not sandalwood. Both trees are totally different. While sandalwood is mostly found in western ghats, red-sandalwood is found in the eastern ghat. Since both types of woods have a similar use in worship so both are called sandalwood. The paste of Rakta-Chandan is mostly used in the worship of goddesses like Durga, Kali, Tara and Gouri. In Shakti – Sadhana its importance is well known. It is also offered during “Ganesh-Ambika Pujan” whom it is offered with the following mantra,

रक्तचन्दन संमिश्रं पारिजात समुद्भवम्।

मयादत्तं  गृहाणाशु   चन्दनं  गंध  संयुतम्।।

Red Sandal or Blood Sandal is known as Lal Chandan or Rakt Chandan. It has various medician uses in ayurvedic. It is widely used in religious aspects as well. Devotees Chants mantras of Maa Durga on the rosary made of Red sandal. This Red sandal ( Lal Chandan ) is also used in many rituals.

Weight 20 g


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