Few minutes from Social Media and Games.

kashi ganga ghat

Being a human is no other because you have the ability to change the world and yourself.

You have got this human body for a purpose that is salvation but you got this body in this material world where everything is mortal including your body.

The supreme power has given you a limited time to get rid of this circle of the physical world but the human gets involved to enjoy this time and to enjoy more he struggles more and more. He/She forget the purpose of life and times keeps going on. When he feels a little time remaining in his life then he starts to find the way of salvation. It is better to understand the purpose of your life at a suitable time.

Many of us just perform a showoff in the name of devotion whether our entire focus remains on physical enjoyment. We just do a formality in the name of devotion and even that seems to physical enjoyment.

It is true that if you are not matured then you remain a child and your acts remain like a child but when you are matured then you act depends upon your responsibility.

If you are dependent on your parents then your thinking would be different, if your children are dependent on you then your thinking would be different.

If you are spending hours and hours on social media, games, and so on, ( these are just only temporary pleasure) have you ever thought is this your purpose in life?

Pray to God for at least a few minutes every day for this beautiful world, for the breath you are inhaling without any cost, for the wisdom that is given to a human, for the time given to you to find the purpose of your life and whatever you have and what is not.

If you started to pray and worship regularly with heart or just only thanks to the Supreme power, your life will be changed and you will feel the real purpose of your life.



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