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dhundi raj ganesh temple

According to a story mentioned in Kashi Khand, Dhundhiraj Vinayak form of Shri Ganesha is the part of Ashta Pradhan Vinayak Yatra. According to the story mentioned in Ashta Pradhan Yatra, when Lord Ganesha succeeded in finding the deficiency in the rule of King Divodas, he settled down in Varanasi in the form of fifty-six idols (Chhapan Vinayak). Thereafter, Lord Vishnu dethroned King Divodas as per the vow. Lord Vishwanath arrived Kashi from Mandarachal along with all the Gods. As soon as Lord Vishweshwar stepped in Kashi he firstly worshipped and praised the Gadnayak (Lord Ganesha) and chanted the hymns of Dhundhiraj and proclaimed that at this place Lord Ganesha will be known as Dhundhiraj and pilgrims who will offer prayers to Dhundhiraj prior to the Lord Vishweshwar will be graced by the blessings of Lord Vishweshwar. It is believed that reverence who regularly offer prayers to Dhundhiraj Vinayak get rid of all the sins and attains salvation.

Location Of The Temple

Dhundhiraj Vinayak temple is situated at Main Gate-1 of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi.
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