Three things are rare in the world

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The statement of Lord Shankaracharya ts:

“Rare Tiyamshatad Devanugraha Hetukam

Manatam, Mumusavam Maha Purusha Sankhya.”

That is, three things are rare in the world And this is for the grace of the god. These three things are 1. Manhood, 2 Mumakstava and 3. Consistency of superior men.

Those worshipers who are interested in the worship of God, who wish the god grace and grace or desire to receive any kind of boon, need to pay special attention to the above verses. It has been revealed in this verse that what is attained by the grace of the gods or by which things the gods are attained

All human beings normally acquire and consume ordinary things, but such rare things which are not easily found, man desires to receive by the grace of the gods Also, to appease the gods, he has to offer rare things. Through chanting, austerity ritual, sacrifices, elt the human is suffering a lot and renouncing worldly beloved things and then worships the god Lord Shankaracharya has explained in clear terms what those two types of things are They say that the three deities are for the grace of the gods 1 Manhood 2 Mumukshutva 3. Sats in these three elements, the deities are getting excited. The attainment of them and the attainment of the deities is exactly the same thing These two have such a close relationship that where one happens the other is definitely present The rare assets of the world to a person on whom the deity is pleased 1 Manhood 2 Mum Muktativa 3. Satsang, must be attained, or say that if there are all three things, then the happiness of the Gods can be seen directly Now to see what all these three elements are

Manhood – By disregarding your petty interests, considering and working for the benefit of the entire society, it is a symptom of manhood. The person who appears to be uninterested in the profit and loss of the whole society is a human. The one who considers truth, love and justice as the basis of religion, to increase happiness and peace in the world, whose life goal is, for this religion goal, who takes a vow to meditate all his life is a man. Neither suppressing anyone’s rights nor letting anyone’s rights down is a sign of humanity

Mum Muktattva – To wish for the redemption of freedom of salvation is Mum Muktattva. The redeemed car of sin, of Maya, of selfishness, of bondage of lust, is a liberating aspiration to take the soul to the heaven of truth, virtue, and charitableness. To make oneself great, high, supreme – is to merge the soul into the divine. To get a glimpse of God in every particle of the world, to leave the spirit of life and to get the vision of the divine spirit is to attain the divine. A person who is always free, is constantly striving for this kind of liberation and attainment of God RT Rgo Respect you

Satsang. It is a satsang to keep the body in close friendship, vision, grace and lightness of the best men, to keep the mind in listening, saying and thinking, the true desire in the soul to attain true truth. The means by which the soul, mind and body remain close to the essence, are all satsang

Readers! If you want to invite the gods in your mind, then take care of these three difficult things. It is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh who achieves these three, he gets the unending joy of Dev Lok in this life.

Mahesh Mundra

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