The Spiritual flow in life.

spiritual life in kashi varanasi

When would be the right time in life when you turn towards the spiritual way? It depends on how do you treat your life. If life is something like of no value, no aim and for spending time on wastes, then its difficult that you can turn to spiritual way. It’s not your fault because you seem that you are enjoying the life but you didn’t think for the salvation for which you have got birth in this material world. Some day when you face the worst situation then you feel to think about the purpose of life.

Some situations make you turn towards spirituality, probably not favourable. It is not something like that to buy a ticket and attend a spiritual session.

when you do this, it is just a copy-paste technic for your life. You have seen someone doing meditation and attending the spiritual session and you also started to follow that. It is not a spiritual way. You can adopt this thing in your life but can’t inhale in your self.

When you feel yourself about your purpose of life then you move towards the spiritually.

Sri Kashi Vedic Sansthan, Varanasi

Mahesh Mundra

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